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Maximizing the Value of Advanced Batteries

Spiers New Technology Maximizes The Value Of Used Advanced Batteries

Providing a unique and valuable service to the EV industry is very important for Dirk Spiers. He is a problem solver with a passion for renewable energy. As he saw the popularity of EVs rise, he noticed a problem that wasn't getting a lot of attention. Used EV batteries were being cast aside, their useful lives cut short because they weren't being repaired or refurbished. 

Tossing aside used batteries can cause numerous negative effects, including the lost value that could have been drawn from the discarded units and environmental harm. 

Download the case study to learn: 

  • How OEMs can manage the life cycle of their battery packs
  • Discover how ABC-150 dual channel cycling station provides a safe testing environment 
  • Learn how ABC-150's compatibility and versatility works with different battery chemistries